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ScratchTools.waitForElements is a function with 4 parameters:

ScratchTools.waitForElements("Selector", function(element) {

}, "ID For Use (Make Your Own, Can Only Be Used Once)", false)
  • The selector will select elements and return then in the function selected.
  • The function will run with one parameter- the element found. It runs for each element found.
  • The identification for the use of the API. It can only be used once per page, and should be specific to the actual action it is performing.
  • The boolean that determines whether or not the function will return already existing elements, or start over. If true, then it won't return existing elements. If false, then it will.

This API is very important for finding elements that don't load immediately- many parts of the Scratch website does this. It's much simpler than MutationObserver, and it's also a good practice to use this API rather than build your own for your feature.