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ScratchTools is nice and simple, and fully customizeable! You can choose which features you want enabled or disabled- right from the settings page. You can change them whenever you want.

Open the Popup

In the top bar of your browser, click the icon for the ScratchTools extension you've installed. If it isn't showing, you may have to click the extensions icon (puzzle icon) to find it. If you want it to show in the top bar from now on, you can pin it. Then, just click on the extension to open it.

ScratchTools extension icon in top bar

View Settings

Once the popup opens, you can easily browse through the list of over 95 features, and enable the ones you like! Since there are so many, you can also search for them using the searchbar. Some features have special options, too.

Start Using

Now, you can easily use the Scratch website with all of the features you've just enabled! Remember- you can always go back and change your settings whenever you want to!