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Better Cloud History

Better Cloud History allows users to browse through cloud history monitors on projects while viewing additional important information. The layout is much easier to read, and also includes user profile pictures and links to profiles. It even includes the exact time that an action took place, rather than a relative time.


The feature was originally suggested by -Brass_Glass- in the ScratchTools Discord server. It was then converted into an issue in the GitHub repository, and then eventually created by rgantzos. The pull request was created and merged on June 22nd, 2024.


This section lists the specific parts of the feature.

  • Consistently loads cloud data.
  • Links users to Scratch profile.
  • View full cloud variable content.
  • Sort logs by specific variable.
  • Adds user profile picture to logs.


The feature is also dynamic, meaning it can be enabled and disabled to switch between the default cloud variable logs and the new cloud variable logs.

DescriptionUpdates the cloud monitor page to a more modern version with more details. You can click on variable names to sort by that variable.
Version Addedv3.9.0
Credits-Brass_Glass- and rgantzos
Pull Request#857