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Frequently Asked Questions

Basic Questions

What is ScratchTools?

ScratchTools is a free, open source, community-run browser extension with dozens of features, all built to make Scratch better and more efficient for its users. The features are developed and brainstormed by various members of the Scratch community. You can easily enable and disable features right from the popup. ScratchTools is the fastest-growing browser extension for Scratch.

How do I download ScratchTools?

It's easy to download ScratchTools! You can download ScratchTools from Chrome, Firefox, or, if you're interested in developing for ScratchTools, you can download it from GitHub. If you need more help setting up, check out or Contributing section in the FAQ.

Who made ScratchTools?

The original creator of ScratchTools is rgantzos, but ScratchTools is maintained and contributed to by dozens of members of the Scratch community. They all work together to keep ScratchTools working and looking the best it possibly can! If you want to contribute check out our Contributing section in the FAQ, or join our Official Discord server!


Are we safe?

Yes, ScratchTools is constantly being checked for security vulnerabilities so that we can protect our users. If an issue is ever found (which there rarely is one), then we immediately work on a fix and send it out to users usually in under a week. We take the security of our users very seriously.

How to report a security vulnerability

If you've found a security vulnerability- please don't share it with anyone other than ScratchTools, and don't do so publicly. Please fill out our security bug form so that we can work to fix it.


How to Contribute

You can contribute in many different ways:

  • Brainstorming
  • Bug reporting
  • Developing
  • Translating
  • Code reviewing
  • Making videos/posts about ScratchTools
  • Writing for the wiki

If you have a bug to report, you can fill out our feedback form.

How can I build a feature?

If you're interested in building a feature, check out this article. If you need help from our developers, open an issue.