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ScratchTools is an open source browser extension. We're completely free, and we're run by dozens of developers from the Scratch community. You can find all of our code in our repository.

Some Roles in Contributing

Here are some popular ways that people like to contribute:

  • Brainstorming
  • Bug reporting
  • Developing
  • Translating
  • Code reviewing
  • Making videos/posts about ScratchTools
  • Writing for the docs

You can find out how to contribute to a specific part of ScratchTools here.


ScratchTools is a browser extension for Scratchers. Please make sure that whenever you contribute, you are making sure:

  • You are being appropriate (this also means keeping your language mostly)
  • You are not making joke issues/pull requests (our developers are taking time out of their days to contribute)
  • You are being kind (don't insult people if they don't do a great job)
  • You are being respectful (be welcoming and empathetic towards others)
  • You are using common sense (if there's something that isn't on here but should be, please follow it)